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A few of the forward-thinking companies we’ve proudly worked with.
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More About Us

The company has been providing cost-effective and creative solutions to businesses and helping them in leveraging the latest IT technologies to their advantage. We take pride in our customers being our most valuable asset. Practically, all our business comes from existing customers. We deliver quality products and services to them - and then in turn generate goodwill and business for us.
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Our Services

Our services range from Customised Software Development on both Windows and Linux platforms, Desktop, Client-Server and Web-based applications,


Web Development

Web application development focuses on creating dynamic and interactive applications that are accessible through web browsers. We specialize in developing web applications that provide seamless user experiences and efficient performance across devices and platforms.


App Development

Mobile app development involves creating native or cross-platform applications for iOS and Android devices that deliver engaging and intuitive user experiences.



DevOps combines software development and IT operations to enable continuous integration, continuous delivery, and efficient collaboration. Our DevOps experts work closely with development teams to automate processes, streamline deployments, and optimize infrastructure.


QA / Testing

Quality assurance and testing are integral parts of the software development lifecycle. We employ a range of testing methodologies and frameworks to ensure that our solutions meet the highest quality standards


E-commerce Development

E-commerce development revolves around building secure and feature-rich online stores and e-commerce platforms. Our team excels in developing e-commerce solutions that provide seamless product catalogs, intuitive shopping carts, secure payment gateways, and efficient inventory management.


Custom Software Development

Custom software development involves designing and developing bespoke software solutions tailored to the unique needs and requirements of businesses. Our experienced team of developers works closely with clients to understand their objectives and build software that aligns with their vision.

Our Projects

Our services range from Customised Software Development on both Windows and Linux platforms, Desktop, Client-Server and Web-based applications,

Instant Bank Account Opening with Full KYC Abilities

Open a bank account in under 5 minutes with full KYC abilities, complying with RBI standards. Embrace seamless onboarding and digital banking transformation with our efficient solution.


SmartCafeteria: Cashless Canteen Management Solution

SmartCafeteria is a cashless canteen management solution designed to simplify and enhance Canteen Management. SmartCafeteria is a fully integrated solution that eliminates the tedious activities related to cash reconciliation.

Name Match Service: Streamlining Aadhaar and PAN Card Verification

Designed for seamless KYC processes, it accurately matches PAN and Aadhaar cards, ensuring they belong to the same individual. Powered by our proprietary algorithm, trained on over 100,000 name pairs, it efficiently verifies identities with utmost precision. Simplify and enhance your KYC procedures with our cutting-edge Name Match API, delivering reliable and efficient results. We also integrate with the client's operations process for any manual approvals.


LogiTrack: Smart-Card Based Logistic Solution

Enable accurate monitoring of LPG tanker loading/unloading. The system performs mandatory checks on licenses and permits, while the smart card stores transaction details for easy updating of local information systems. Enhance efficiency and compliance with our integrated Visitor Pass and Gate Pass modules.

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